Searching for gold…

Research is everything when it comes to fine-scale modelling. And its fun, too! Well, maybe not when you have to dig through dusty archival drawers in an unheated concrete building on one of the coldest days of the year…

In this picture taken a couple of years back you can see my friend Henning Larsen and Eirik Einum sorting through the good stuff. Henning is a reallly systematic guy, and of course the brought his laptop for taking down notes!

I went to the archives again for a second time to pick out drawings for copying. The subject is this nice engine:
Engine 8

Maybe this sounds like an plain and easy job, but there are around 200 blueprints of this engine! And thats A0 sized prints! (Thats 1189mm x 841mm or 46.82 inches x 33.11 inches)

Here is the one of the copies I made:
Copy of drawing

For my modelling needs, I made copies of around 10 of the sheets. But even with this amount of drawings, additional measurments will have to be taken from the actual engine.

But maybe I should finish the Westinghouse engine before plunging ahead on this project?


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