Where are all the Model Railroad blogs?

The blogsphere is supposedly full of blogs of all kinds.
So why is it that I find so few MR-related blogs when I search for them on Google?

I would like to get tips on good (or even bad) MR-blogs. They just have to be out there somewhere, right?

Thinking about it, I would like tips on blogs dealing with all kinds of scale modelling.
Some oft the best modelling I have seen is by military modellers.
For instance, check out this site:
Missing Links

To balance thing out, here is a link to a photo-gallery of some of the greatest civilian modelling I have seen:
Chuck Doan´s photoalbum

Never mind that the greatest diorama on that site contains a barn and a fordson tractor. No trains…

Well, “modelling racism” is not my thing!

But here is a great model railroad link:
Railroad Line Forums is the best US discussion forum when it comes to MR.

But what do you think?

6 thoughts on “Where are all the Model Railroad blogs?

  1. I agree. There seem to be blogs about everything everywhere and there are but two or three fourms and nobody really blogs. Railroaders/railfans/modelers are not the biggest internet talkers as a whole, I guess.

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