Small Parts Sometimes Destroyed, Sometimes Enjoyed.

Sawmill machinery

I dont know why, but my modelling projects seems to get smaller and more obscure every day. My last effort is a guide for the saw in my small 0-scale sawmill.

It has taken several evenings of building time that surely could have been better spent, but in an almost masochistic way I enjoy making esoteric small brass parts strictly for my own enjoyment.
Every part takes at least a couple of attempts, I tend to melt them down with my RSU when they near completion.

I try to tell my self that these parts are just excercises before jumping into the real projects (engines and rolling stock), time will tell if this is actually so…

The outer diameter of the handwheel is around 3,5 mm.
Next time I will report some progress on my rolling stock , I hope!

One thought on “Small Parts Sometimes Destroyed, Sometimes Enjoyed.

  1. Well. I’m impressed .. and saddened. Ha. I’ve been putting off working on my steam pump .. just because .. of the size. This tells me to get back on it. 🙂

    Great work. It is both something to strive for in my own work and something to view with amazement.

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