Fordson Grader in 1:48

Fordon grader
Fordson grader in 1:48

Here is another “distraction” , a Fordson Grader built from an McKenzie kit. The model has been “pimped” with an scratchbuilt cab and toolbox. The fuel drum at the back is also a personal additon. Its a resin casting from some military diorama detail provider. I also added a smokestack of my own design. With the spoked front wheels and huge rear wheels it looks like a sort of vintage dragster, me thinks!

Fordson Grader
Fordson grader

One thought on “Fordson Grader in 1:48

  1. Love it. I think .. that this was one of the reasons I want to back-date a Komatsu bulldozer to a generic tracked tractor (that sounds funny). Your Fordson is just .. cool.

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