Second part of the 3D-printing saga

The most convinient 3D-printing service is without doubt Printapart .
They have a very good model checking feature, easy quoting and fast, reliable service. But unfortunately, the quality of the parts is not state of the art. The picture above is the same part as the brass casting, this time from PAP.

I am still wondering if I should order parts from PAP for a complete model. Examining the parts in extreme closeup shows that they are somewhat coarse, but maybe a painted and weatered model will look crisp enough. I am leaning towards making a full-blown test, it is the only way to settle the matter. For those working in scales larger than 0, I feel the quality is good enough. Several very ambitious modellers have shown what can be done, and it is of course only tme before the smaller scales can enjoy the same possibillities.

There was no cleanup before taking the picture, this is the part straight from the printer. You can see the slightly grainy surface. This is ok for the planks, but bad for the metal fittings of the prototype.

The part has some wax on it, so a light wipe with acetone will be the first step in prepping the part for painting. You should be careful with the acetone, It can soften the plastic. A coat of primer will probably reveal how suitable the surface of the PAP part s really are for my parts.

3 thoughts on “Second part of the 3D-printing saga

  1. Still looks pretty darn good. Have you looked into what it would cost you (like in multiple of PAP cost) to do this in state of the art 3D printing? I know that Marc had looked into alternate printing at a higher cost.

    • I think the cost for the hi-def stuff will be somewhat more than twice the PAP parts. But if you order more parts at the same time, the price drops significantly. Even if the parts are from different 3D artwork.

      • Thinking that if you were going to use the 3D printed parts as masters for resin copies then that would be fine. The problem with that is .. to get good parts reliably you need the vacuum pump and compression pot. Hmm. Thought. Dallas is producing very nice resin castings for his Bolder Valley Models. Wonder if .. if you supplied him 3d printed parts that he could use to produce resin parts .. if might be worth it. Thinking .. you could ‘partner’ with him .. in that he could produce/sell copies .. and you could get yours at cost. hmmmm.

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