Enough with the 3D-printing, let´s do a classic build!

I had great hopes for my 3D printed ore car, but due to some disappointing results I have put it on the backburner.
Instead I have been toiling away on the local MR-club layout. Mostly carpentery, but also some real modelling. You might remember the wooden bridge presented in an earlier post, and belive it or not, I have completed a H0 model based on it! It is slated for a *very* prominent spot on the club layout, so I had to make an as detailed a model as I was capable of. The fun thing is that it was built entirely with basic handtools. All the cutting was done freehand with a single edge razorblade. The holes for the NBW´s were drilled with a pin wise. I used Kappler wood and Grandt Line NBWs.

A full write up will be published in the Norwegian magazine “MJ-bladet”. Maybe I will translate the full article to english in the future, but this is all you get for now. And some images of course!

Closeup of one end of the bridge
Closeup of one end of the bridge
The full Monty
The full Monty
All the tools you need
All the tools used

4 thoughts on “Enough with the 3D-printing, let´s do a classic build!

  1. You have mastered the techniques shown in the Gazette many years ago. The bridge is beautiful. By the way, where did you find Floquil Driftwood. I have not seen any in probably 15 years.

    • Thanks for the thumbs up! Regarding the Floquil Driftwood, I bought it more than 20 years ago! I keep it just for fun, I dont actually use it. It´s rather overvalued in my opinion. Nash and Greenberg has a lot to answer for… Personally, I get better results with Builders in Scale “Silverwood”.

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