Gone, but not forgotten

As 2012 is fast approching, I got the inspiration for a post on a favourite modelling related topic: Documentation. And my message regarding documentation is simple: Things change. Do it now. Tomorrow it can be too late.

Small sawmill at Solbuøy



Østlandske Stenexport

The images might be a bit melodramtic, but these are all buildings that were measured and photographed in time. A couple of them has already been built as models in 0 and H0 scale, and another is well under way (stay tuned for another blogpost!).

If you find something worth documentation I suggest that you at least take pictures from all sides of the object. If you dont have time to measure it in detail, at least take a few key dimensions horisontal and vertical. Or include a yardstick or something similiar in the pictures. If you have images taken from all sides straight at the object, you should be able to make pretty precise scale drawings from the images.

And share your information. Documentation like this has a big cultural value, but most often the commercial value is zero. What goes around comes around. Sharing information might inspire others to do the same.

So how´s that for a new years resolution?


2 thoughts on “Gone, but not forgotten

  1. Goodness humans like to build and destroy. I thought other parts of the world were better than the US but maybe I am wrong. I have missed documenting so many things that have more importance now as I grow older than when I first noticed them. What replaces them is often nothing…or even worse something “modern” without soul.

    What was that red building?

    I wonder if one had a laser rangefinder, a camera with set-able resolution and a fixed-focal length lens one could calibrate the system, i.e., if on object X feet away fills Y number of pixels it is Z long. That would make the process of documenting for modeling easier and safer. Maybe a topic for Russ’s forum?


  2. Ang Rognes is under way in the basement! in-between Good food and family crap, something is done.
    The platform is under construction.

    Sad that this buildings is demolished. They is not that ugly? We live in a own little world, there weathered and old buildings are nice…

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