A tribute to Bob Hegge

I think that most of us can point to quite concrete influences for our choices in modelling. To me, starting to read Model Railroader in 1979 changed everything.
Especially the september issue that year is a major mileestone for me as a modeller. The coverstory in that issue was a big, rugged boxcab electric in 0-scale built by the late Bob Hegge. This model had a tremendous heft and precence that really hit home. Bob´s no-nonsense modelling techniques both in brass and wood made his work look exciting even in the construction phase.
I may have failed to keep things as simple as Bob did, but I still regard him as maybe my biggest influence.

Even if it is more than 30 years between that MR cover and the finishing date for my own boxcab!


4 thoughts on “A tribute to Bob Hegge

  1. Yes, that was a big, hefty model and quite a challenge to paint!! I know, as I’m the one who painted it. Very glad to know that it had such a positive influence on you! I managed to get Bob interested in HO scale again, and he and I were starting to build an HO and HOn3 modular layout when he, unfortunately, passed away. It was going to be pretty cool. Bob was looking at some of the Mexican electric narrow gauge prototypes for inspiration. Not really certain what happened to his models. I was in the process of starting my own company when his wife sold off the collection. That company was American Model Builders, Inc. – LASERKit and it took
    up most of my time.

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