Distant cousins (3)


In this instalment of our little series we can present a very fine 7mm scale model of one of the Metropolitan Railway´s Bo-Bo electric engines. It was built by Ken de Groome from a kit that he designed himself. It is available from his company, Ken´s Profiles. The kit consists of etched brass, resin and brass castings.
The prototype was put into service in 1907, and operated in regular service until 1961. A preserved engine of this class can be seen at the London Transport Museum. A museum that is well worth a visit, by the way.

Photo: Barry Norman

2 thoughts on “Distant cousins (3)

  1. Delighted that you’ve featured this iconic locomotive type. The kit is probably the best on the market and I have two lined up for building.

    A couple of pieces more information: The fleet of these twenty locos came into traffic from Autumn 1921 to Spring 1923. Progressively, they replaced their predecessors which had appeared in two batches of different designs in 1905 and in 1906-7.

    As well as the locomotive in the Museum in central London, another locomotive is retained in working order and is used in heritage train operations.

  2. Thanks for the additonal information on this very interesting prototype! I really enjoy a model when it combines excellent craftmanship with an original choice of prototype.

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