Distant cousins (4)


Model railroading is said to be a hobby in decline, but there seems to be more quality modelling going on than ever.
The topic for this post is the fine 0-scale (1/45) model by Stig Bergstrøm. Stig changed from H0 to 0 in late 2006. Since then he has scratch built more than 17 engines and several pieces of rolling stock.
He designs his own etchings, and the actual etching is done by the Scottish company PPD ltd. This company offers and excellent service, and for me they are the difference between daydreaming and actually getting models built.
Of course, it still takes a skilled craftsman to achieve models as good as the ones Stig builds.

Unfortunately, Stig passed away recently, but his webpage “Lokputsaren” is still accessible.  Hopefully it will be available for a long time. It is a legacy that should be an inspiration to all serious modellers. 

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