Back on the main track

Pantograph under my thumb (or index finger, actually) getting depressed.

After a lot of distractions, my autumn ambiton is to focus on completing my Westinghouse electric engine.
Made some progress on the pantograph today, this is the last big obstacle before painting and weathering.

I now actually have a working pant, the first picture shows my fat finger testing the springing. It actually looks like the darn thing would work.

Closeup of pantograph
Closeup of pantograph

Looks like the engine will be ready for the paintshop the coming spring!

Edit: For those with good Internet connections and very little to do, we have uploaded an exiting video to show of the workings of this little engineering masterpiece:

3 thoughts on “Back on the main track

    • Thanks a lot! It is pretty close, but I there are things that could be improved, especially when it comes to reliable raising/lowering. It is also a bit too fragile for my liking. But that is partly due to the fact that all dimensions are pretty close to scale.

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