A magazine for all model builders

I have an affection for paper based magazines, and The Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review is an absolute favorite. The latest issue, 111 is a Locomotive Building Special, and it is an adrenaline shot of inspiration for this modeller. The pages are packed with scratch built models. Most of them in 0-scale and larger. All of them in metal. The editorial praises a book on scratchbuilding published in 1948. An article on a manual pantograph milling machine rounds of the issue. Wonderfully archaic, much like scratch building railway models in itself.

The magazine is strongly devoted to building models, and focuses on modeling techniques and fine craftsmanship.

But do not take my word for it. Order your copy today, or even better, sign up for a subscription!
The Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review

Cabin Fever

My workbench away from home

Easter means a trip to the mountain for many Norwegians. For some bizarre reason we follow the receeding snow up the mountainside as it melts. To get the most out of the winter, many of us have cabins (US) or cottages (UK) so we can spend some more days in the snow. Strange, but that´s us.

But what do you do inside when the skiing is done for the day? Usually I pack a serious block of books and do some intense reading in the afternoon and evenings. But this year I was more frustrated than usual with the lack of modelling progress during the winter. It is limitited what you can do on a kitchen table in a small cabin, so I thought it was best to set simple goals. I decided to build some mockups of buildings for the layout of the model railroad club in Trondheim. So I packed up sheets of cardboard, some steel rulers, a cutting mat and a stanley knife with plenty of fresh blades. And not to forget, my trusty old powerbook. No Internet in the mountains, but with all my prototype photos and digital drawings, it is a very valuable modelling tool.

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Where are all the Model Railroad blogs?

The blogsphere is supposedly full of blogs of all kinds.
So why is it that I find so few MR-related blogs when I search for them on Google?

I would like to get tips on good (or even bad) MR-blogs. They just have to be out there somewhere, right?

Thinking about it, I would like tips on blogs dealing with all kinds of scale modelling.
Some oft the best modelling I have seen is by military modellers.
For instance, check out this site:
Missing Links

To balance thing out, here is a link to a photo-gallery of some of the greatest civilian modelling I have seen:
Chuck Doan´s photoalbum

Never mind that the greatest diorama on that site contains a barn and a fordson tractor. No trains…

Well, “modelling racism” is not my thing!

But here is a great model railroad link:
Railroad Line Forums is the best US discussion forum when it comes to MR.

But what do you think?